“Providing Support for the Well Being of the Community”

​​Angel of God Resource Center, Inc.

10824 S. Halsted Chicago, IL 60628 ​(773) 941-4691 

Code & Ethics

​​1. This Center requires honesty, integrity, ethical and legal behavior from every individual in all interactions with each others, consumers, the community and the general public. Accordingly, this policy is established to provide guidance regarding certain conduct and practices.

2.  In the absence of Center practices or instruction covering particular situations, an individual shall not be relieved of the responsibility to exercise the highest ethical standard in any situation involving Center business. When in doubt, individuals should seek guidance.

3.  This policy applies to employees,  consultants client and volunteers at all levels of the Center,  Volunteers include board members and all other persons holding  volunteer positions in the Center.

4.  The Center's Conflict of interest is incorporated by reference in the Code of Ethics.