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Complaints Related To


Address the complaint(s) with the course instructor.

If you are not satisfied with the outcome of the meeting, or if you would be uncomfortable confronting the instructor, take the complaint to the Executive Director of the school.


Address the complaint(s) with the instructor with documentation of error.
If the instructor determines grade change should be made, s/he takes appropriate action.
If the instructor maintains accuracy of grade, you may submit a written request to the Executive Director for mediation.


Address the complaint (s) with the individual in involved.  If resolution is not achieved there, you may then bring the matter in writing to the Executive Director of the school. Students who believe they have been victim of discrimination on the basis of race, color, sex (gender),religion, national origin, age or physical disability should inform the Executive Director immediately at (708-392-9323)


Actions You Can Take

The majority of students at Angel of God Academy(AOGA) will complete their EDUCATION without feeling the need to pursue a complaint against another student, a staff member or the school. However, if you believe you have a reason to file a complaint, the school is obligated to listen. Angel of God Academy(AOGA) has established procedures to respond to students complaints in a fair and equitable manner. In general, you should follow the following process to resolve the complaint.

The IBHE online complaint system at, accessible through the agency’s homepage ( The IBHE online complaint site includes step-by-step instructions and key information about the complaint process. or Click on button above.


Student Complaint


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